Nomination Forms

All candidates must provide to the nominator a completed Arbitration Experience Summary form, a letter of interest and a current resume. The required forms are provided below in Word and PDF formats and must accompany each New Fellow application/nomination. Send completed nomination packets to the Membership Committee Chair Trey Bergman at If sent by email, you do NOT also need to send a hard copy. Click the file format next to the document name you wish to download.

Nomination Checklist & Affirmation Form (Word) (PDF)

Nominee Arbitration Experience Summary Form (Word) (PDF)

Fellow Nomination Form (Word) (PDF)

Fellow Seconding Form (Word) (PDF)


General Description of Membership / Nomination Procedures
(December 1, 2016 Edition)

Admission to the College is by invitation only.  A candidate for fellowship must be nominated by a Fellow and seconded by two other Fellows.  The College reviews candidates on an annual basis.  The Board of Directors generally admits New Fellows to the College after its spring meeting.

No Fellow may nominate more than one candidate for fellowship in each year (diversity nominations are not subject to this limit), nor propose or second a nomination of a relative, a lawyer employed by a client of the Fellow or his/her firm or of any partner, associate or employee of any law firm or educational institution with whom such Fellow is a partner or member.  No current member of the Membership Committee may nominate or second the nomination of a candidate for fellowship.

When is the deadline for nominations?

A complete nomination package for each nominee must be submitted by the nominating Fellow and received by the Chair of the Membership Committee by the extended deadline of 5:00 p.m. EST on January 18, 2017 for the 2017 class of nominees. This is an extension from the usual December 31, 2016 deadline.

Nomination packages that are incomplete as of January 18th, will not be considered but may, in the discretion of the Membership Committee, be held over to the next calendar year’s class of nominees.

How does an arbitrator become a member of the College?

Candidates for fellowship must be nominated by a Fellow and seconded by two other Fellows. The nominating Fellow is responsible for assembling and timely submitting the candidate's nomination packet, which consists of the following:

                 (1)        Nomination Letter together with Nominating Fellow's affirmation that
                              the nominee meets all of the membership criteria;

                 (2)        Seconding Letters from two Fellows;

                 (3)        The nominee’s completed and signed Arbitration Experience Summary;

                 (4)        The nominee’s Letter of Interest; and

                 (5)        The nominee’s current resume/CV.  

The Arbitration Experience Summary should detail the nominee's activities in the field of commercial arbitration, the number and types of disputes arbitrated, inclusion on recognized commercial arbitration provider rosters, service on tribunals, and the complexity of the disputes arbitrated.

The Bylaws require that at the time of nomination the nominee must have a minimum of ten (10) years of relevant and qualifying experience in the field of dispute resolution, which must include substantial experience serving as a commercial arbitrator in cases in which final awards were issued.  Prior judicial or relevant academic experience may be considered in assessing whether the requirements are met.  In addition, the nominee must, in the opinion of the College, command respect in the relevant community of advocates, other arbitrators, and users of commercial arbitration. The nominee must be a member in good standing of a Bar in the United States or elsewhere as appropriate. Alternatively, the nominee may be a non-lawyer who possesses substantial and credible experience as a commercial arbitrator and who is currently listed on the roster or panel of a recognized arbitration services provider.

The Nomination Letter and the Seconding Letters should address the Fellow’s knowledge of the nominee's performance as a commercial arbitrator, character and professional background.    

How are nominations considered?

Nominations for membership are considered by the Membership Committee, which then reports its recommendations to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.  Nominees are voted into Fellowship by the Board of Directors.

Appointments to the Membership Committee are made by the President of the College with a view to having Fellows with diverse backgrounds and a variety of experience in the fields of arbitration practice.

In reviewing the credentials of nominees, the Membership Committee is governed by the requirements in the Bylaws and guided by its evaluations of the nominee's breadth and depth of experience as a commercial arbitrator, with particular emphasis on the nominee's work as a commercial arbitrator in the previous 10 year period.

The College is committed to diversity in race, national origin and gender, as well as other criteria such as geographical location and field of commercial arbitration practice. The College’s Outreach Committee is available to assist Fellows and potential candidates for Fellowship in understanding and satisfying the College’s admission criteria.

It is the goal of the College to admit as Fellows those who have distinguished themselves as commercial arbitrators and have a strong interest in furthering the mission  of the College as identified on the College’s website.  It is important to have a commitment to being an active member of the College, who is engaged in College activities and public service endeavors.

NOTE: For 2017 the Executive Committee extended the submission deadline and issued the following clarifications:

  • Substantial experience in commercial arbitration may include complex arbitration proceedings in the health care and health insurance field.
  • Substantial experience in commercial arbitration may include complex arbitration proceedings with respect to executive employment agreements.
  • Please do not nominate a friend or a colleague just because you are asked. Make sure you discuss with the potential nominee the high standards and requirements for Fellowship without raising any expectations for admission.
  • If you are not sure if your potential candidate meets the CCA’s qualifications, or if you have any questions about the nomination process, you are encouraged to contact the Chair of the Membership Committee, Trey Bergman (; 713-977-1717), before submitting that candidate’s nomination packet.


In the event of any conflict between this General Description and the Bylaws, the Bylaws govern and are subject to interpretation by decision of the Board of Directors. Decisions of the Board of Directors are made in its sole and absolute discretion.