The Mission of The College of Commercial Arbitrators

The Founding Board of the College of Commercial Arbitrators held the view that a national organization of commercial arbitrators could provide a meaningful contribution to the profession, the public and to the businesses and lawyers who depend on commercial arbitration as a primary means of dispute resolution. The Board defined the Mission of the College of Commercial Arbitrators as follows:

  • Identify those individuals whose professional training and experience qualify them to undertake the most complex and difficult arbitration assignments
  • Promote professionalism and high ethical practice in commercial arbitration
  • Adopt and maintain standards of conduct
  • Develop "best practices" materials
  • Provide peer training and professional development
  • Provide opportunities for interaction among peers
  • Promote diversity within commercial arbitration

Fellowship in the College of Commercial Arbitrators is by invitation of the Board. Membership criteria include substantial experience as a commercial arbitrator, high ethical standards, and high regard in the field among academics, other neutrals and counsel. Current Fellows nominate proposed Fellows. Our size is limited by our high standards for fellowship and our intention that this be an elite organization; we would hope to achieve a diverse, highly selective membership primarily of full-time commercial arbitrators and academics.

Relations with Other Organizations

Channels of communication and cooperation will be proposed to the Section of Dispute Resolution of the American Bar Association, the American Arbitration Association, JAMS, CPR Institute and the National Academy of Arbitrators.

Consideration will also be given to regular communication with other national and state-based organizations that are concerned with the practice of commercial arbitration and with legislation and judicial decisions bearing upon the commercial arbitration process.